Fierce and Fascinating Older Women

Dedicated to women who have done some living,
women with lines on their faces,
and a few stories to tell.

(porn blogs not welcome,
if this is a fetish for you, please leave)

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Jodie Foster at the premiere of TriStar Pictures’ ‘Elysium’ on August 7, 2013 in Westwood, California.

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I was searching for images of older women and what came up was disgusting! Thanks for trying to show inspirational images of growing older.


Hello - yeah, unfortunately most of the people who follow this blog are disgusting porn blogs, so I don’t put much effort into maintaining it anymore. Sorry posts aren’t so frequent, but I’m glad you enjoy it anyhow :)

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I don’t have technique because I never learnt any.

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Emma Thompson & Meryl Streep | 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (Jan. 18, 2014)

So I thought maybe it would be a nice, fun approach to this evening to maybe do something different. So I Googled myself and I read the comments section, thinking I would get some tidbits of what people really think of me, and you know, share them with you for, you know, humorous purposes. Sidenote, no human being should ever, ever read the comment section, or Google one’s self at any time. But I did learn a lot about myself, I did. Some things I was already very well aware of. Let’s see, “Sandra Bullock is over 40” came up a lot. I know – I know that. “Sandra Bullock is way past 40”. Yeah, I know that, too. Oh and apparently, Julia, you and I are in a dispute over George Clooney. We talked about this right? It’s just – it’s shared custody and we’re both fine with it. I don’t know why people keep drumming it up. Lots and lots of comment about who I’ve dated, some are true, some I’ll never admit to. And there was a run of comments on people who didn’t understand why I was in this business. You know, funny things like, I quote anonymous, “I mean there is absolutely nothing special about her acting”, “She’s not particularly attractive”, “I can’t stand her”, “She’s mediocre”, “She’s over 40”.  

No one can pull off a tux like Diane Keaton!

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Cate Blanchett | 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards (Jan. 12, 2014)


Meryl Streep & Emma Thompson | National Board Of Review Awards Gala, 2014 ()


A lot of people lie about their age, I don’t understand why. I think everybody should be proud of how old we are.


Meryl Streep | 25th PSIFF - Awards Gala ()

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Hey everyone - I feel like I should give a sort of explanation as to why this blog hasn’t been very active for the past several months.

More than half of this blog’s followers are porn and fetish blogs. Seeing the notes and even just the urls is sickening, so I have very little motivation for posting here. I will probably continue to occasionally reblog posts from my dash, but I’m not going to put  a lot of effort into original posts and such.

I’m so sorry to the like-minded folks who had high hopes for this blog. I just can’t feel good about posting here when so many nasty people follow.

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Mary Tyler Moore and Julie Andrews at the red carpet of SAG Awards, 2007.

Actress Audra McDonald poses in the 66th Annual Tony Awards press room at The Beacon Theatre on June 10, 2012 in New York City.

Sigourney Weaver at the 2008 Marrakech International Film Festival